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Let's change the conversation

After the free trial, the service costs $1 per student, unless you take advantage of the discounts below.

Student Adoption

You can market to your students better than we can. If you can enlist a few campus ambassadors, post flyers and signs around campus, and encourage enough students to at least try the service, you'll get a steep discount on the price above.

Faculty and Staff Adoption

You can increase your discount if enough teachers and staff try out the platform. We'll be responsible for training and making sure they enjoy using the platform. You just get them to join.


If we don't have to do door-to-door sales, then we can pass on a huge savings to you. So, assuming we do some good at your school, refer us to others and our service will become really inexpensive, really fast.


One of our biggest costs will be certified tutors to augment your own staff, especially during periods of high volume or late at night. Help us enlist your staff and peer tutors to answer questions from schools in other timezones (with your students getting priority, of course), and we will compensate them. Likewise, we will try to recruit tutors at foreign institutions to answer questions that your students ask in the middle of the night, our time.

Why it's important

We'll be completely honest with you about our cost structure, and if you can help us provide our service to you more cheaply, then we'll pass the buck to you!

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